Multidimensional in its approach and design, The African American Lectionary—which provided new material for 2007-2013—offers a cycle of biblical readings for 60-plus liturgical moments (annual days) throughout the year. The Lectionary employs the extensive technological capacities of the Internet to enliven the multi-sensory imagination of those using this resource (e.g., provides artwork, musical, or poetic renderings related to the scriptural readings).The Lectionary now contains more than 200,000 pages of material!

The Lectionary serves as a guide that can be accessed whenever you need it. With some imagination, each user can make the lectionary commentaries, worship resources, and cultural resources useful for their worship or teaching experience. As the Holy Spirit leads you, make the Lectionary your own and enable it to bless the congregation you serve. 

Since the Lectionary is archived, materials that a preacher, worship leader, or lay leader did not get to use in previous years is available. This allows persons to visit the site throughout any year and access material as they need it. All materials have been prepared in a manner that will make them beneficial for years to come. Each year’s lectionary commentaries with accompanying worship resources, cultural resources, and illustrations can be used whenever a congregation wishes.

Lectionary Commentaries will provide you with numerous ideas around which to build a sermon. If you need an illustration to accompany your sermon, click Sermon Illustrations, review the subject areas, decide which illustration is most likely to be appropriate, and click on that illustration to access the text.

If you need to design a worship service, Worship Resources will provide an entire worship service for the moment you are researching, and you can alter it to fit your congregation.

If you want cultural information for a particular day, Cultural Resources will offer history, poetry, songs, images, videos, and more related to that day on the calendar.

If your church has 700 members or less, visit The BIG IDEA page for information on how to launch ministries that will aid your congregation and your community.

You will also enjoy the Multimedia section of the Lectionary. It features videos and audio used throughout the lectionary. All of this material is downloadable.

Be sure to also visit the Preaching Development Corner (featuring important essays on preaching), the Liturgical Colors Corner (featuring suggested colors for the African American Church Year), and the Lectionary Books List (a section that list the titles and publishing information for the more than 400 books listed on the website).

The site offers search features that help you find the materials you are looking for by subject matter. On the home page, you can search the current material, the archived material, or the Bible.

The calendars list the liturgical moments (annual days) for 2008-2013. Click the calendar buttons to view and print the entire calendars for years one through six.

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